Czech Republic Online Gambling Still Unfair for Local Operators

Published Tuesday, May 03, 2011 -

The Czech Republic has been a staunch supporter of freedom of the internet and has a reputation for fair and sober thought when it comes to the rights of its citizens. The situation in the USA is spilling over to the Czech jurisdiction with some of the online gambling operators there speaking out against the government authority that limits Czech online gambling are allowed to offer only fixed-odds games. The plethora of offshore online casino and poker operators who are servicing the Czech market have a distinct advantage over locally regulated firms.

The five legally licensed online gambling operators in the Czech Republic are Sazka, Synot Tip, Chance, Fortuna and Tipsport all of which are seeing a decline in numbers and revenues as offshore online casinos offer better odds and more variety.
There are 157 online casinos that offer games in the Czech language or English with wagers in Euros or USD.  Sazka, for example runs the national lottery with a recently added a casino section to their website.
The external relations manager of Tipsport, Lubomar Jeayek, vehemently voiced his opinion of the online gambling scene in the Czech Republic. Pointing out the inequity of the situation he said, "While we have to fight for a license, they ride into this place like it was the Wild West."

The development of the online gambling industry is slow in coming in the Czech Republic and Jeayek commented that there was no clear direction mapped out as yet by the officials controlling the online gambling liberalization. 
This fact keeps operators reluctant to invest in software development or expansion plans. It was noted by the Tipsport manager that once the industry is legalized and a regulatory system in place the firm would expand its offerings.
Synot founder, Ivo Valenta, commented that his firm had online casino and poker products ready. "We believe that this market will be opened up in the Czech Republic and that our politicians will at last understand, as they do in other countries, that the state will also benefit in terms of tax receipts and fees."






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