FIFA Suspects Match Fixing After Spike In Betting Patterns

Published Friday, June 03, 2011 -

According to a recent report in the U.K.’s Telegraph, FIFA is investigating a match between Nigeria and Argentina. The contest in which Nigeria won against Argentina 4-1, became suspected of foul play after unusual betting patterns were detected. Concerns were raised about betting patterns during the game, specifically just before the final goal was scored.

Unusual wagering pattern detection is one of the online gambling industry’s greatest weapons to combat illegal betting and match fixing activities. The regulated and licensed online gambling operators are working closely at all times to ensure there is fairness in sport. They know that trust is the most important factor for the gambling and sporting world. The customer must know everything is on the up and up, it’s what keeps people coming back to punting.
FIFA is assembling as much data as it can about this particular game confirming that FIFA, “will be working closely with colleagues at the FIFA Early Warning System” The cross referencing of data has revealed that there may be a series of match fixing  events leading to a wider investigation. A FIFA spokesperson commented, “FIFA is currently receiving lots of information and co-operation across Europe, Asia, Africa and South and Central America, and as an organization we are committed to tackling this problem in the most vigorous way possible,”
It was revealed by the Telegraph that among the players of the games none were under suspicion.
With Nigeria leading 4-0 there was a huge swing on some in-play gambling markets which appeared to anticipate a fifth goal.
Matthew Benham a spokesperson for online gambling operator SmartOdds, commented on the event, “There had been some crazy moves on the in-running market early in the game,” Benham continued, “With 86 minutes played the odds were absolutely insane. The market was effectively saying it was odds against that there would be no more goals.” “It is hard to get an exact figure for how much would have been bet to force that kind of swing but we are certainly talking hundreds of thousands, possibly more than £1,000,000.”




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