US Online Poker Players Sue Full Tilt Poker and Pro Team

Published Sunday, July 03, 2011 -

The Full Tilt Poker saga continues to dominate the online gambling industry news with all eyes on the firm to rekindle a relationship with its loyal players. The recent announcement that the Ireland based  company Pocket Kings which runs Full Tilt had been taken over by European investors from US investors held out a glimmer of hope that players would one day see their funds returned.

Phil Ivey one of Full Tilt’s professional players went to the courts to sue the firm in an effort to show some solidarity with the members of the card room. He has after taking a trip to Ireland to talk with those running the show has decided to dismiss the case after being assured the Pocket Kings company would come good and return players money.
The fair way seems to never really run smooth and with the closing out of the Ivey lawsuit the company is back in the courts to deal with a class action suit filed against Full Tilt Poker and all entities associated with the brand including Phil Ivey a professional poker star at Full Tilt.
The plaintiffs are understandably upset by the lack of legal action available to them in the USA.

The Plaintiffs are named as US citizens and ‘real money’ internet poker players who held ’player accounts’ with Full Tilt Poker as of April 15, 2011.
The class action suit claims that the internet poker operation which held the players funds was doing so while committing fraud and money laundering unknown to the plaintiffs. The suit goes on to say that Full Tilt had been morphed into an ‘Enterprise’ that was formed to process player’s deposits and withdrawals using US player’s ‘secure’ accounts. The ‘Enterprise’ was channeling funds via a pattern of fraudulent means and racketeering activities.
The Full Tilt Poker professional team is mentioned in the suit because they promoted and endorsed the card room which had approximately $150 million in deposits from US players which were allegedly transferred illegally.

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