Bernard Tapie Comments On the Online Poker Full Tilt Deal

Published Monday, October 03, 2011 -
Bernard Tapie Comments On the Online Poker Full Tilt Deal

When it comes to convoluted stories and minute by minute additions to what seems to be endless conjecture and speculation the Full Tilt Poker saga takes the cake. Now as was reported recently the purchase of the Full Tilt Poker brand which some may well believe to be more of the company’s efforts to side line the people it owes money to has been called into question as valid honest and even partly true.

The Calvin report dated October 2nd on the sale agreement signed by Groupe Bernard Tapie points to a more realistic contract and a more realistic outcome of the Full Tilt saga. According to the report the French businessman Bernard Tapie has clarified some issues but raised other questions about the plan his company actually has for Full Tilt Poker.

Bernard claims that if the bid goes forward, he only expects to retain a 5 to 10% stake in a reconfigured  FTP when the dust settles. Confusion does occur here with the confirmation that he and his son Laurent was seeking other investors in the FTP bid, or maybe once FTP is acquired, GBT intends to sell off 90 to 95% of the company.

The Agence France Presse coversation with  Bernard  has him  suggesting  that that this 5to10% retained stake would not be held by Groupe Bernard Tapie, but by the International Stadiums Poker Tour, a production company in which Groupe Bernard Tapie holds a 30% stake.
The entity was founded in 2010 by Bernard and Prosper Masquelier, who is known for production credits on French TV series Tournament of Aces and a three-year stint at Partouche Interactive.
The Full Tilt financial  situation doesn’t include repayment of customer’s funds and reflects the considerable  smoke screen the players have been subject too since the Full Tilt Poker brand fell from it pedestal.


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