Social Online Gambling Yazino Offers New Multi Player Slot

Published Saturday, December 03, 2011 -

Online gambling at internet casinos has come of age and the expectation out in the virtual gambling world is high. The public wants to be thrilled and wooed with new and exciting games that pay. Software developers are doing their best to keep up with player demand in a situation that offers huge variety that is growing by the day.

A recent statistic indicates that computer technology is advancing every eighteen months making the latest equipment obsolete in a very short time. Most people keep their old school ways for a little longer than that but it doesn’t take long before the punting public wants more.
There used to be only a few online casino software providers in the industry but now there are many trying to take a piece of the internet games pie. This is good news for the consumer because it stirs competition and keeps the field competitive and alive.
The competitive edge has been even more popular since the advent of social gaming or multi person gaming. Yazino is a leader in multiplayer, synchronous technology. Players are able to compete in real-time with each other in a fun environment where they can create their own tables, invite their friends, chat, or simply play with a network of like-minded new people.

Yazino games feature levels, achievements, leaderboards, and tournaments, between you, your friends and the Yazino world. Friendly competition is the name of the activity on Facebook with the Yazino application.
A new addition has joined social internet games developer Yazino’s suite of games, the new High Stakes slot. The 5-reel, 20-line slot game slot, available on the Yazino site and Facebook, introduces an interesting turn to the game, allowing up to 10 people compete as a team of jewel thieves who need to crack the code and steal the gems.
“High Stakes takes a game that millions of players already love and turns it into something more fun, more exciting and more rewarding.” Commented Hussein Chahine, Yazino’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.






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