Renewed Efforts for Online Gambling Legislation in New Jersey

Published Tuesday, January 03, 2012 -

In the USA the race is on for the pole position to become the first out of the gate to legalize online gambling.  After the Department of Justice’s Christmas gift to the gambling public in America clarifying the Wire Act pointing out that betting via the internet is only illegal for wagering on sports the gloves are off and the States are working hard to get online gambling legislated for their jurisdictions.

It looks obvious that big land based casino operations in Nevada are pulling out all the stops and are pushing for online gambling in that State first. The government of California is struggling with the issue of Tribal casinos and New Jersey which already tried to put in legislation legalizing online gambling was put on hold by the state governor who vetoed the plan at the last minute. New Jersey’s Atlantic City has been suffering declining revenues for a few years now and the public wants the trend reversed with the introduction of online betting within the next six months.

The legislation is being tabled early in the new year with hopes it will pass within this session of the legislature. The state’s gambling industry has lost more than 10,000 jobs and nearly half its annual revenue during the past six years. Reason enough say pro online gambling legislation factions to proceed with haste. One of the sponsors of the bill, state Sen. Raymond Lesniak, Democrat-Union, “We could be the Silicon Valley of Internet gaming and it could mean billions of dollars in revenue for Atlantic City, and thousands of jobs,” he added, “If we have to reintroduce then in the new session, we’d lose a lot of the momentum we have now to get it done.”

The debate rages on whether the jobs created by internet gambling would take away from the bricks and mortar establishments. Again it is obvious that Atlantic City needs something in the works to augment it failing terrestrial casinos and the infrastructure is in place to bring online gambling into the  taxable realm.


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