Full Tilt Poker Deal Still Alive and Kicking

Published Saturday, March 03, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Its hard to believe that a business that has been battered and bashed for almost a year now would have any value. Such is the case of Full Tilt Poker which owes tons of cash to players that were caught in the debacle. Still as some investors say there must be gold in those hills and they have every intent of reestablishing the brand and mining that gold mine.  France’s Groupe Bernard Tapie is still negotiating with  Full Tilt Poker  and the US Department of Justice for control over Full Tilt Poker’s assets.

Behnam Dayanim the lawyer for  Groupe Bernard Tapie was quoted by a reporter for the Poker Player Newspaper as saying, he had “significant confidence in the prospects of completing the deal,” suggesting the respective parties could have something pinned down, “before the end of the first quarter.”
Some $16.5 million dollars are still in limbo owed by some of the professional players at Full Tilt Poker forming what Dayanim called a while ago a “serious obstacle” to getting beyond the talking stage.

Now as the world of online poker continues to move on there is speculation that there is a new investor in the wings that could be putting the deal for Full Tilt on a firmer footing. Suggestions have been made by ‘unconnected to the situation’ lawyers that a “late arriving investor” has reportedly added his financial support to GBT’s efforts in the negotiations. 
There is little in the way of a real paper trail regarding the debit owed to players outside the States that lost their money when Full Tilt was seized by the US Department of Justice. It is thought that a “more definitive plan” by the French Group to restore these funds is in play, although there seems to be little hope of this being resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.
Together with this information players hoping to see their cash soon should sit back and take a deep breath because they may be holding it for a long time.


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