More Women Winning at Professional Online Poker

Published Tuesday, April 03, 2012 -

A recent study revealed that online poker is being played by a much higher percentage of women than ever before in the history of the game. Baring this in mind it is no wonder the big poker rooms have at least a few pros of the fair gender. Many industries and jobs that were traditionally male dominated such as waiters in France, glass blowers in Venice, or construction workers in the USA now women are doing whatever they like and they are usually really good at it. Professional poker is no exception to the liberated trend of the game, women of great skill have emerged to show the poker world they know how to play.

The youthful aggressive style play exhibited by Norway’s Annette Obrestad who at 23 years old already has made a great reputation for herself. This go getter has been playing cards since her early youth and has earned a formidable $2.3 million playing online poker for profit. Annette’s live tournaments, have achieved $3,738,569 in lifetime earnings. She was just 18 years old when she won a WSOP bracelet.

From the USA Vanessa Rousso is probably one of the more recognized women in the poker industry who went professional poker player after a go at University in the quest for an economics or law degree. Her winnings of $3,471,294 in live tournaments dating back to 2005 is the mark of a personality that is focused and engaged. An additional $870,000 was made playing online poker.

A former stock analyst Kathy Liebert also an American started her poker career in the 1990s and has the honour of being the woman to have won the most money in live tournament play, taking in $5,827,393 since 1994.

Vanessa Selbst hales from the States too and went to Yale for law, is a fast winner that has since 2006 made $4,911,582 in live tournament winnings. These are but a few professional women poker players that have graced the green felt both virtual and real with their skill and style. More women playing at the tables please.

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