Romney or Obama Online Gamblers Making The Choice

Published Saturday, November 03, 2012 -

While millions of dollars are wagered everyday on horses, cards and casino games there are also those prop bets that many seek to make their fortune on. The biggest event being wagered on that is not as conventional as let’s say the world cup or the next football match in the Premier League is the race for the White House and the position as Commander and Chief of the United States of America.

Bookies are saying the race is a tight one and deserves close observation to make an accurate prediction. Polls are suggesting the incumbent President Barak Obama will win a second term but there are those who still hold out that Mitt Romney will take the position. There have been noises being made that there is even the possibility that if there is a tie there could be a Republican President and a Democrat Vice President. Europe is fascinated by the American presidential race and the online bookies are responding by offering odds on the outcome. Ladbrokes is one of the U.K.’s biggest book makers that has the situation well in hand offering competitive odds on who will win.

David Williams a Ladbrokes spokesperson said, there is great interest from every jurisdiction, “We are very straightforward in the way we operate,” Williams continued,. “You decide the wager and put it down. The punters therefore frame the market and the weight of their money delivers the odds.“I can say that we have taken bets on this election from all corners of the earth. It has captured the popular imagination of because in the digital age more people know about the election than ever before. It is inescapable and it attracts money. Lots of it.” Ladbrokes has been in the punting game for many years and takes this event just as seriously as any other. Who will win November 6th is any ones guess, it’s a close one but for the most part people are putting their hard earned cash on Obama.

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