Rogue Online Casinos... Avoid With Caution

Published Monday, December 03, 2012 -

The internet is like a highway, you never know who is on that highway or how well  they play by the rules. Just like on a real road there are villains and thieves who look fine at the outset but are rotten to the core and should be avoided at all costs. The old saying that when something looks too good to be true it usually isn’t true. Such is the case with online casinos on the web who are unscrupulous and will take your money and personal information and run.

There are thousands of casinos to choose from online and not all of them have good reputations. There are those however that do have sterling reputations and are accredited by various organizations that test and verify the casino’s practices.

The rogue casinos that dot the internet highway look just like the good ones until it’s time to cash out and get paid winnings. When the trouble begins it may feel as if it’s just a glitch in the system but upon further investigation the player may find the online wagering operator had no intention of paying and will be as evasive as a slippery eel. The most important aspect of online casinos is trust so if a casino wants a big fee before the player gets paid or disregards complaints or becomes inaccessible all of a sudden then the punter may have stumbled into a gambling black hole. There is little recourse for the player because these rogue businesses are like a flickering light that shines bright while attracting punters and then it is gone in the blink of an eye.

When choosing an online casino to play at with confidence, look around for the signs such eGOGRA certification and check whether the casino has ever been on the blacklists at good online casino portals. There are a lot of ‘not’ recommended or ‘blacklisted’ internet casinos to steer clear of when going online for fun time. Stear clear, stay safe, good advice to heed when traveling the internet highway.

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