Online Betting on National Hockey League Return to Play

Published Wednesday, January 02, 2013 -

Predictions at New Years are always fun and entertaining but when someone is consistently correct is it that the predictions are purely obvious or do some people just have an ability to see what’s coming? Surely the fortune tellers have a few tricks up their sleeves such as a crystal ball or magic cards that show what tomorrow brings.

Watch the signs and keep your stick on the ice is an old Canadian saying that relates to the seriousness of hockey, on that frozen pond they have there in most cities town and backyards and how much this particular sport means to so many fans. It is a crying shame for those involved in negotiating the deal to get hockey in America and Canada back in the rinks. In a way though the NHL lockout no games situation has put huge focus on the junior and world hockey and amateur action. Everywhere on every TV in Canada is every sort of hockey game but professional.

The big time hockey business is losing the public’s trust to show them a good time with loyalty and spending thrown in. How much money is being lost by the gambling industry is not known but for many punters the funds are being spent on other things perhaps like the big screen TV and the popcorn maker in the newly renovated basement flat and man cave. Or the back yard pool where the family can hang out and swim.

Canadians like to bet on fantasy sports leagues and bet on the leagues many teams and games. American’s too like to put a few dollars down on the games too, online and on land. Hockey is serious business and the loss of a whole season on the ice makes everyone wonder, is it really just about the money. The soothsayers said that the last time hockey players quit playing nobody cared what so ever.

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