Online Gambling Software Developer Faces Charges in USA

Published Thursday, January 03, 2013 -

America has a few laws that are interpreted differently in different parts of the States. One law that seems a bit vague and excessive to some is one that has caught a software developer in its legal net.

Wired magazine recently reported that a software engineer who creates programs used by online casinos and bookmakers outside the U.S.A. now faces criminal charges for allegedly aiding gambling when the software was been used in New York State. “It’s overreaching where they’re going after a software developer who sells the software with a legal license, and yet we’re still being prosecuted on how it’s being used,” the article revealed. There is a dangerous precedent being set with this legal action against Stuart and his company. Jennifer Granick, director of Civil Liberties for the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University commented on the suit, “It’s scary for software distributors, if someone happens to use their software for illegal activity,” Granick continued, “If you know what people could use it for, and didn’t prevent it, did you take enough steps? What level of knowledge you need to have and all of that is not as clear as it should be [under current laws].”

Wired revealed that Stuart had been offered a plea bargain by the D.A.’s Office in New York that asked Stuart to hack into his clients’ systems and obtain names and passwords in order for New York authorities to track down those involved in illegal gambling within the state. “Although Stuart initially agreed to the terms of the plea, he later recanted because he said he was uncomfortable being used as a pawn to secretly collect information on his customers. He claims authorities are charging him now in retaliation for refusing to cooperate with them.” This is an example of the way the Justice Department conducts business in the USA with the power of the courts behind them and devious methods they are straining the idea of justice being blind.

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