Zynga's Online Gambling Bet Fueling Expectations

Published Wednesday, July 03, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com
Zynga's Online Gambling Bet Fueling Expectations

The installation of Don Mattrick a well know gaming executive as the Chief Executive Officer in charge of Zynga has sent a clear message to the world of social gaming that Zynga is a gaming company not a gambling company. Mattrick sold his first gaming business to Electronic Arts, where he stayed on and played a key role in popular franchises like The Sims and FIFA Soccer.

Mark Pinkus wasn’t sending the gaming message to investors during the sharp decline Zynga experienced after it’s the company pulled away from Facebook. Investors were encouraged to think that online social gambling was going to provide Zynga with enormous potential after the success of the free to play online poker offering by Zynga.

The company has struck partnership deals with online gambling giant Bwin.Party to launch online gambling in the United Kingdom. It has been working on the introduction of legal online poker for real money in the U.S.A., where the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have legislated internet wagering as legal. Zynga and Pinkus are falling short of expectations as the shaping up of the online poker market in America is making Pinkus take a sober second look at the competition and viability of gaining market share.

While the hiring of Microsoft man Mattrick a valuable executive who revamped the Xbox interest and has the experience to make a real difference to the investing public.

It has been noted that PokerStars and Ceasars Interactive are investing heavily into introducing online poker in the States which will give Zynga a serious run for the money. The so called Zynga bluff may have worked for a while with the advent of Zynga online poker in the U.K. for real money but for the most part it appears that Pinkus has seen the light and will be concentrating on gaming not gambling for the next little while.

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