Online Gambling To Provide Better Problem Betting Detection

Published Saturday, August 03, 2013 -
Online Gambling To Provide Better Problem Betting Detection

The instant one believes they can recover gambling losses by continuing to play the punter should quit and take a second look at where the game is headed. Researchers are starting to believe that if they have enough gambling data on individuals they will be able to detect a problem and introduce measures to reduce the harm.

Tony Schellinck, a Canadian marketing professor who co-founded Focal Research Consultants Ltd, a Halifax, Nova Scotia located firm, claims it can detect as many as 80% of at-risk gamblers. The algorithms vary, Schellinck, says Focal Research now has collected as many as 800 variables. He has researched loyalty-card data he acquired from casinos beginning in the later part of the 1990s, and discovered that big spenders at risk of gambling problems more frequently have a favorite machine, and tend not to stop when they have just a small win or small loss.

The Focal-based system was used for seven years by two government operated casinos in Saskatchewan, Canada with the system detecting about 2,900 individuals with issues in 2012 out of 70,000 active player’s club members. If the system found a problem, it would send an alert to the casino staff with the player's location on the floor. Staff could intervene with the gambler, with a gentle check in or other suggestions as to how gamble responsibly.

Land based casinos have and do use early warning systems but they are relatively ineffective compared to the data collection service available to online punters. Online gambling operators are staring to give the customer some tools to mitigate problems such as pop-up screens that may tell gamblers how long they have been playing or how much they have spent.

Itai Frieberger, online gambling firm’s 888, Chief Operator Officer commented, "There's a very strong negative business agenda attached to problem gamblers," Frieberger, continued, "It's bad for our reputation and bad for business."

There is a lot of debate on the problem gambling situation with some critics saying there should be more legislation requiring operators to provide harm reduction services.

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