NSW 'Managed Liberalization' of Online Gambling

Published Sunday, January 03, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

In New South Wales clubs and hotel with gambling have given the government fair warning that they may have to dismiss staff if the Federal Government goes ahead with recommendations to curb gambling activity. The Productivity Commission has put forth these recommendations that propose the strengthening of measures to control gambling at existing locations which the government thinks will only open the path to extended online gambling action. Outspoken opponents to the Productivity Commissions report goes from smaller clubs such as the South Sydney Juniors who contend that the club will be 'devastated' by the loss of revenues from gambling. In a letter to the commission, Kevin Greene, who is the NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing, said, the State Government has told the commission the proposed $1 betting limit, compared with the present $10 limit which has been in place for more than 20 years, would ''have a significant impact on the viability of NSW clubs and hotels,''

The State Government also warned the commission, about the increased online gambling activity. The commission has called for ''managed liberalisation'', indicating that it would not be worthwhile seeking to maintain controls on gambling in this area, given the continued growth of the internet.

''Internet gaming has the potential for exponential growth and without proper regulation it could pose serious problems to society and problem gamblers,''

Clubs NSW has researched statistics to support their claims of how much the recommendations may affect their viability saying if imposed they would cut club revenues by 30 per cent, forcing at least 190 clubs to close.

The Productivity Commission proposals, such as cutting cash payments down to $250 from the present $2000 limit, banning ATMs from all venues and limiting the number of hours poker machines will be available to the public have been put on the table and subjected to study or debate.

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