Old Card Game 'Teen Patti' Going Online in India

Published Wednesday, March 03, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

The old Indian card game 'Teen Patti' is gaining new popularity in a new world, the internet. Online audiences across India are turning to the old game for fun and entertainment in droves. The social network portal Ibibo in India has been promoting a movie starring Ben Kingsley, using the card game as a hook. A version has been introduced that caters to a large and diverse audience that spans many demographic sectors, while keeping the integrity of the game in tack. Ibibo CEO Ashish Kashyap, says the game is immensely popular among thousands of youthful players while they interact socially at the same time they play. Kashyap commented that, "The game is built with the vision of getting people connected and network via this live multiplayer gaming format. The uniqueness of this game is that it is social. Rather than being one-player platform, Teen Patti allows six players to play live simultaneously on a virtual table while sitting anywhere in India," he added, "Since then the game has seen a phenomenal response across different genres of players and is growing by 200 per cent per month on month active users," India is considered a new and open market opportunity that may be able to return huge profits to those companies entering the industry there. India has recently opened up to online gambling licenses available for the Internet and has some top international operators trying to secure India's first online gambling license. The popularity of online gambling in India is obvious with the value of the market reported to be $5 billion and the overall betting market at as much as $40 billion. Other media companies are cashing in on the trend with Nazara Technologies a mobile entertainment company planning a version of 'Teen Patti', said, CEO, Nitish Mittersain. Take a movie, a popular old card game, and a few entrepreneurs and your sure to find a success story.

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