Devilfish Gaming Poker Doubles Registered Users

Published Monday, May 03, 2010 -

Devilfish is certainly a name that everybody remembers once heard it is never forgotten. The company has a track record for doing well in the online gambling industry of late which is amplified by the posted results for the company recently. Professional poker player Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott is pleased that the firm which offers online poker and other gambling sites has been able to reduce it's pre-tax losses. Devilfish Gaming doubled sales in the last two quarters of 2009 to £476,248 up from £237,599 a year earlier. It was reported that the number of registered users on the site more than doubled on the year to 18,500 participants. 5,000 of which are active cash or tournament players representing an increase from 8,000 and 2,400 respectively from the year earlier. Paul Barnes, Chief Executive Officer, of Devilfish Gaming said, “We have continued to operate the business on a very low burn with little or no spend on marketing, whilst we pursue the agreed strategic course of growth via strategic investments and partnerships. The latter includes mergers, acquisitions, and B2B deals.” Devilfish Bingo was recently launched by the company after a deal was inked with Germany's Gauselmann Group. As yet no launch date has been announced for the possible sports betting product roll out. Not to be foolish the company does not take bets from US players but it ready and able to do so should the US betting environment change for the better. “The group is keeping a close eye on current legislative lobbying in the USA in relation to legalising online poker,” a company spokesperson said. “In addition, we are investigating other innovative niche high-yield gaming products where we see an optimal mix of high brand value and low competition,” read a statement from Devilfish Gaming.  


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