Tour de France Victory 'Not a Sure Thing' for Armstrong

Published Sunday, July 04, 2010 -

Lance Armstrong’s quest for an eighth title at Tour de France has high hurdles to overcome. Accusations of drug cheating and the advances of his age as an athlete make this Texan’s quest for an eighth ‘Tour de France’ title difficult to attain. In fact online casino bookmakers predict him only as third.
With his announcement that this is his final participation in the famous race, Lance Armstrong might be hopeful for a sentimental finish of winner status. Bettors of online casinos ignore the sentiment for this seven-time champion. The effect of Floyd Landis’ accusations on top of the age of Armstrong’s body can’t be ignored. A finish of third place is only what the odds makes will give him.
Floyd Landis has stated that Armstrong has used performance-enhancing drugs in front of him. Denying the charges, Armstrong has said that it is Landis who has lost all credibility after he lied for years about his own drug cheating.
The champion Alberto Contador of Spain is the top favourite. He is less than even money to win at the Tour de France, at 4-7. Due to the accusations, Contador may struggle again to maintain civility with Armstrong as he had done last year.
Also, as he did last year, Luxembourg 's Andy Schleck is the pick to finish second. At some online gambling sites Schleck's backers can get better than 2 to 1.
At an event Armstrong has dominated so often in the past, he will be the underdog. Even last year he attracted wagers as a 10-1. His supporters may want to argue that supporting Alberto Contador will ultimately prevent Lance Armstrong from trying again. Then they will not have to bear witness to perhaps a more than three-year absence as a winner.
How will Armstrong hold up under the scrutiny? Will the aging cyclist’s legs be up to the task? Can he dodge the media hordes undoubtedly eager to question him over the relentless accusations by Floyd Landis?
Armstrong must be focused on the task at hand, winning the Tour de Farnce in the next few weeks. Online casino bettors, looking to win big may take the odds as they are and place their bets accordingly.




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