Prince Edward Island Canada Debates Online Wagering

Published Saturday, September 04, 2010 -

Canada is debating the online gambling issue coast to coast and what the politicians are doing is tossing money and morals into the same basket.
Most of the provinces are experiencing some form of monetary deficits within their current government budgets so online gambling is a source that they want to tap to ease the strain.
The problem arises in some of those provinces where the norm for the population does not include gambling in any form, online or otherwise.
Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province with a pastoral landscape. Rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand beaches, ocean coves and the famous red soil have given Prince Edward Island a reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty. The provincial government has enacted laws that attempt to preserve the landscape through regulation, although the lack of consistent enforcement and absence of province-wide zoning and land use planning recently resulted in some aesthetically displeasing developments.
Recently Prince Edward Island began a series of town hall forums to discuss the issue of the government's involvement in online wagering and it's impact on the people living in the province.
Local news reports from PEI suggest the island may be in deficit but that doesn’t mean the province has to jump on the online gambling bandwagon.
Finance Minister Wes Sheridan says that the government is considering online gambling simply to protect Islanders from using risky, unregulated sites.
The Charlottetown Guardian Newspaper published their opinion recently and it is definitely negative towards allowing the Atlantic Lottery Corporation to expand to offer internet casinos and gambling. The columnist suggests that the whole exercise is a money grab. Detractors are in the media in Prince Edward Island and they are blunt about whether politicians are being practical or just trying to dodge the tax bullet in order to win elections.




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