Virgin Games Online Casino Promotion Hits The Airwaves

Published Thursday, November 04, 2010 -

In the online gambling industry few companies stand out as being different from the rest.
One company that has a reputation for being progressive and innovative is the Virgin Group of firms. With no shortage of capital at it's disposal Virgin Group ahs launched head long into online gambling with results that give the consumer yet another great source of betting entertainment.

Recently, Virgin Games a relatively new addition to the company's stable has announced that its cross-platform facilities are growing substantially with games provided by a variety of suppliers. In an effort to get players onto the Virgin Games online casino web site the company has launched an advertising campaign on television.

The new campaign with it's approximate million dollar budget is based on the companies most adventuresome project to date the introduction of space travel tours to the ordinary citizen.

The relatively long twenty second commercial talks to the player about Virgin Casino's new games being introduced every week and the slot action being the best there is on the planet.

The manager of Casino Acquisitions for Virgin Mr. Oliver Wilson, commented on the promotional spot, "We had such a fantastic response from our first Virgin Bingo advert launched last year that we decided that this was the right way to go for Virgin Casino. Bingo received a 100 per cent increase in player registrations on the back of the first adverts aired late last year and this evidence suggests it makes absolute sense for TV to play a significant part in the marketing mix for the casino product".

A beta run for two weeks is included in the Media release plan that will confirm or at least show what kind of response the company web it will get from the exposure. The two covered regions in the UK by Direct Response TV will give the public there the first look at the campaign. From there it is expected to receive get coverage throughout the United Kingdom.




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