Ireland's Pocket Kings Online Poker To Hire 100 New People

Published Friday, February 04, 2011 -

Ireland has its issues with its economy so when a newspaper from Ireland reports that a company is looking at expanding its workforce by as many as one hundred new people it is welcomed good news.
The online headline reads ‘Online Gambling Company to Create 100 new Jobs’.
The subsidiary of Full Tilt Poker, Pocket Kings, Ltd. was founded in September 2003 with the goal of creating the best online poker experience. The company currently provides exclusive software development and marketing consulting services for one of the world's fastest growing poker sites, Full Tilt Poker. Since its official release in June 2004, Full Tilt Poker has become one of the most successful and recognizable brands in online poker, and is the only online poker community that allows players to regularly learn, chat and play poker with 28 of world's best poker professionals. Full Tilt is considered the second largest poker room in the world.
The addition of 100 more jobs will bring the workforce to 800 at Pocket King Ltd.’s operations at the Cherrywood Science and Technology Park in Dublin. The new jobs focus on specific requirements needed to expand its operations. Analysts for the Italian, German, and French markets and customer service agents for the Norwegian, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, and Korean markets.  Jobs offered are being paid anywhere from €20,000 to €100,000 and better.
The IrishTimes explained in its article that the economic times are difficult and the company has experienced some setbacks. Pocket Kings’ pre-tax profits declined by 26%  in April of 2009 and its gross profit fell 5%.
A company spokesperson said  “From our last accounts filing we have sustained our accelerated growth and almost doubled our headcount,” adding, “Ireland has always been an attractive location for us and continues to be so,” “The accessibility to a skilled and educated workforce in Ireland along with an attractive corporation tax rate continues to be deciding factors in our decision to remain here.”







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