Russian Gaming Week Covers Online Gambling June 2011

Published Saturday, June 04, 2011 -

Coming up fast this June seventh through ninth in the unbelievably beautiful Moscow the annual Russian Gaming Week commences at the Crocus Expo centre. The show has a particular flavor which of course is Russian, Ukrainian, and other nations. The kind of information that the delegates are privileged to is specific for those who are making plans to enter the market in Russia and its regions which have unique qualities and particularities.
Learning and experiencing the jurisdiction’s variety of gambling rules and regulations as well as the variations in laws and habits of the regions are the main reasons delegates attend.

The Russian jurisdiction does have potential especially in the Baltic region.
A very exotic collection of exhibitors will be available at the Crocus Expo Center including lotteries and the newest systems and devices to operate them, internet wagering is explored also. Online casinos, betting exchanges and the currency stock market Forex will be on the floor for every delegates perusal. Equipment suppliers and manufactures for online poker and full scale entertainment systems will also make the exposition. Of some importance to consumers and operators both the latest security devices will be displayed.

Russians love to gamble but are restricted to certain zones in Russia. The four designated gambling zones, Azov City, Primorie, Yantarnaya, and Siberian Coin, will represent the majority of discussions at the three day parley. With representatives from each of the zones present discussion groups will dissect the possibility of changes in the designated areas. Specifically experts will discuss poker and the law, including all the latest on the newest Russian rules for  payment processing, betting practices and of course alternatives to the existing system.
Should a delegate decide to attend take some extra cash Moscow is a very expensive city but worth every dime. Russia would get any gamblers heart going even just that extra few beats.




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