Online Mahjong Logic Plus-Five Gaming Team Up for 'Live' Festival

Published Sunday, September 04, 2011 -

The online gambling industry has taken a little bit of this and a little bit of that and has created some interesting new versions of some very old games. One such intended change to a very old and popular game is the renewal of Mahjong for the internet.
Mahjong as many Asian players know is an interesting game that can stimulate the memory and keep old brains tuned up and sharp. The history of Mahjong is ancient with it’s origins believed to be Chinese. Throughout China's history, there were several games similar to modern mahjong. Ya Pei, a game that originated in the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD), used wood and ivory cards similar to today's mahjong tiles. Another game, Ma Tiae, from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD), built on Ya Pei and is even closer to modern mahjong.
Records can only verify the game dating back to the mid nineteenth century, at the very earliest, likely in the provinces around Shanghai. In less than 40 years, the game went from being a local craze to creating a worldwide shortage of ivory and bone for tiles during the 1920s.

Now in the year 2011 Sweden’s Mahjong Logic has launched as part of an agreement with Plus-Five Gaming. The Mahjong Festival runs concurrently with the Poker in the Park festival in London England. Mark Jones, Plus-Five Gaming’s marketing & business development director said in a recent press release, “We saw this opportunity to launch our new mahjong offering and at the same time allow our many customers who have asked for online mahjong to immediately take part in both the event and our online brand. Mahjong to us is looking more and more promising as an emerging game.”

Mahjong Logic’s CEO Jonas Alm commented, “We feel there is no better time to launch this new site than immediately prior to the launch of the Mahjong Festival in London,” Alm continued, “The event shows the popularity of mahjong worldwide and we are thrilled to be partnered with Plus-Five Gaming as we look to further promote one of the world’s most popular games here in Europe.”


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