Online Gambling in Greece Unfair States RGA

Published Tuesday, October 04, 2011 -

Organizations such as the Remote Gambling Association in Europe have made it clear that the situation created by the European Commission regarding Greece’s implementation of its new online gambling taxation policy is unfair to the rest of the member nations.

Clive Hawkswood the RGA CEO stated, “There are concerns that the new law provides tax benefits for OPAP‟s land-based operation with the aim of increasing its value prior to a proposed sale of the Government’s share.” The organization is calling the tax regime a privileged monopoly that gives OPAP what amounts to State Aid.

The executive continued to explain,  “We are fully aware of the fiscal pressures on the Greek authorities at present, but they do not justify the imposition of anti-competitive tax provisions which benefit the existing monopoly gambling provider over private online operators soon to be licensed in Greece. Not only does such action not conform with EU State aid rules, but if implemented, it will have a damaging impact on the private sector and associated growth and employment opportunities, as well as curbing competition and consumer choice. As such, we feel compelled to take this action and challenge the Greek authority’s favourable tax treatment of the part state-owned gambling operator OPAP.”

The fact is while all online firms are required to pay 30% Gross Profit Tax (GPT), State owned Greek OPAP pays zero on any offline proceeds it takes in.
With Greece attempting to find funding to bail out its sputtering economy from the rest of the European Union it is a wonder that the continues along the road of rebellion. The European Commission has ruled that the new internet gambling regulations in Greece do not comply with the rules set out by the Union and will surely fine the Greek government or maybe worse remove them from the union.

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