Despite the Economy Online Gambling Firm 888 Financial Results Excellent

Published Friday, November 04, 2011 -

Investment in online gambling and internet casino and poker room software has seen some serious ups and downs in the last ten years what with the American prohibition on anything even remotely related to internet wagering and now the Department of Justice cracking down on internet poker.

It is amazing that some firms are listing profits that rival any thing on the stock exchange. One such success story of late is which has just posted a dramatic profit statement that is the opposite of what the firm was posting last year.
888 has been doing very well with some of its new and now proven products such as poker which for a few companies saw a large surge of new registrants after the DoJ in America put the lid on Full Tilt and others. The English like 888 and the financial results are telling the story, even in a poor economy betting is still the road to riches for the many who enjoy the past time.

The concept of a night in has come to roost in the U.K. as people settle in next to other friendly poker and casino players from around the world and stay home to have fun.
The strength of 888 Holdings Plc is ahead of it market projections for the quarter which is usually a slow time when people are too busy with usual summer trends to participate much in online gambling. 888 Holdings Plc Chairman, Brian Mattingly commented, that the company expected EBITDA for the full-year year ending 31st December to be close to $33.5 million. confirmed that third quarter sales increased 42 per cent to $86 million (£54 million), the highest quarterly revenue in its entire history. The company proudly reported that it has more than ten million registered casino, poker and sport customer accounts, a increase  of 24 per cent from 2010.


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