Hope is Rising for Online Poker in America

Published Saturday, February 04, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Closing in on the first year anniversary of Black Friday the Department of Justice crackdown on online poker one can look back and see how debate seems to have changed on the subject.
Many financial strains on the economy in the United States have cast new eyes on the ability of financial gain to be had from online gambling. As the time for the legalization and regulation of gambling in cyberspace becomes closer to a reality people are now jumping aboard and talking about the upside and benefits from taxing it.
According to some, the regulations will also help protect the actual gambling casinos known as the ‘bricks and mortar’ side of the industry. The process is still a long way from becoming an actuality. Some steps or rather actions to consider are a positive sign of what is to come:
The number of American Native tribes staking a claim on the online poker market is getting serious. Although many tribes operate casinos (the brick and mortar type) they want to be a major force in online poker. They compose a large group asking Washington to examine the issue, obviously wishing to continue their foot-in-the-door hold on the casino business as it adds online gambling to the mix.
The number of corporations applying for licences is increasing, no more so than Nevada, hard hit by the recession. Although the state timeline for filing and issuing licences has not yet been determined, there have been many companies thus far, including Boyd, Caesars, Monarch Casino, Nevada’s MGM, South Point Poker and Fertitta Interactive who have filed in the state for consideration.
Many players in the decades-long battle to adopt online gambling are finding support growing instead of waning. Some of those include Jon Kyl, Bill Frist and Harry Reid and instead of quarrelling among themselves they are now cooperating as they see the bigger picture unfolding. The elephant in the room of course is the outcome of the Presidential election.


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