U.K. M.P.Munt Critical of Proposed Free Play Online Poker Site

Published Saturday, February 04, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Adverts for the launch of ‘RobbieWilliamsPoker.com’ online poker site have drawn sharp criticism from some. A UK MP Tessa Munt (Liberal Democrat) Munt has been foremost in her attempts to curtail gambling ads. She is overtly attempting a crack down by the communications industry regulator.
Since according to her, the Munt family television, when turned on, has too many ads for gambling. She has been quoted as saying that she is, “absolutely outraged” by the “deplorable” RobbieWilliamsPoker.com site. and Pokermania, the German b2b media & marketing company operates the site. It provides the social gaming ‘casual poker’ software which for the time being is released in beta.
On Robbie Williams’s website, the plan is to launch a free-play however there will be options to buy poker chips, the virtual kind. The promotion of this website in the way of e-mails to William’s fan base, are what Munt finds most objectionable. Williams claims a strong fan base, most everyone assumes to be young innocent girls who swoon over his band, Take.
Munt says, referring to the mid-90s phase, “young people are hugely susceptible to this sort of advertising and I am totally opposed to it. It directly targets his fans, including a new generation of children.” Williams, now close to 40 years of age, has become a UK music mainstay due to a hugely successful solo musical career. Some may believe such criticisms are an over-reaction and hardly anything for worried parents to consider.
The complaints from Munt speak otherwise. She claims that, “There’s “no excuse for doing this … I hope he puts every single penny he makes from it into addiction charities or to help victims over this kind of problem. I’m very surprised he is doing this. I think it is awful.”
A spokesperson for Robbie Williams said in a report to the Daily Mirror the website’s main focus “is not for money,” and the set up is only in the early stages of being developed. He mentioned that Williams is a celebrity of other sorts, a well-decorated war veteran.


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