Online Poker Nordica Closes Its Virtual Doors April 1st 2012

Published Wednesday, April 04, 2012 -

Yet another poker room has decided to call the game and fold its cards on the business. Nordic Poker which was once the second largest Merge Poker Skin, after Carbon has ceased to exist as of April first 2012. For reasons not officially disclosed the poker room has been on the watch list for some time.

A short and to the point e mail was sent to account holders reading thus, Hi, We unfortunately need to close down Poker Nordica from April 1th 2012! If you have any funds in your Poker Nordica account, you can visit the URL on the client login screen. This will take you to a page where you can login to the Poker Nordica cashier and request a withdrawal. Alternatively, if you have another active account within the Merge Network and would like your balance transferred over, please email and give them your alternate account details and they will arrange the transfer. We wish all our players the best in the future! Regards, Poker Nordica Not much other than goodbye Charlie and find another place to play...well over a month ago the Poker Nordica’s brand manager and CEO left the firm so as to not be viewed as going down with the ship.

Poker Nordica’s crew had to decide what to do after the technical difficulties and the problems that may be related to the Merge Network officials. There aren’t many choices when the river runs dry and the overwhelming answer to immediate issues is to surrender and close up shop. Poker Nordica customers now have until May 1st to withdraw their funds from the site, but with a minimum balance of $115 necessary to receive a cheque. Therefore, players with smaller balances will need to transfer their funds to other rooms located on the Merge Poker Network, while players without another account on the network will need to open one first and request a transfer from Poker Nordica customer support.

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