New Jersey Senate Passes Vote On In House Mobile Gambling

Published Monday, June 04, 2012 -

The has been speculation in America that New Jersey and hopefully Atlantic City will become the first to offer an intrastate online gambling offering. Well it appears that day may have arrived with the news that the Senate has approved a measure introduced by Senator Jim Whelan that will allow mobile online gambling while on the premises in the casinos and resorts in Atlantic City.

The Senator qualified that "We have to be willing to change with the times in order to remain competitive against an ever-growing field of competitors. Not only do (the devices) provide an enjoyable experience for casino patrons, but they expand casino revenues and offer a new gaming attraction for visitors more interested in the resort side of the casino experience. Authorizing casinos in New Jersey to adopt this new technology puts the casino industry in Atlantic City on an even competitive field as casinos in Las Vegas when it comes to mobile gaming within the casino premises."

The bill has also been supported by the Casino Association of New Jersey, which confirmed the Association "would authorize the use of the evolving technology of secure mobile gaming devices to permit casino patrons to participate in gaming activities from additional locations within each casino hotel facility." The move also considers that the state Division of Gaming Enforcement will have make sure that mobile hand held gaming devices will be restricted to the confines of the casino property, and that punters will have to establish an account specifically for mobile use with the casino grounds assuring all betting to take place in the designated areas by patrons. State Senator Ray Lesniak said the political will is not there for his proposals in the Senate. He blames the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for the slow progress saying recently, "We're going to work on it until the end of June and see if we can get it done by getting the governor's support or getting the Democratic votes."

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