USA Based DHS Holdings Gets Belize License for Online Gambling

Published Saturday, August 04, 2012 -

Belize is a country of immense beauty that has an economy based on agriculture, agro-based industry, and merchandising, with tourism and construction recently assuming greater importance. In 2006, the exploitation of a newly discovered crude oil field has created new prospects and problems for this developing nation. Along with the new wealth, online gambling has become an economic revenue generator for the Nation. The online Gaming Industry is a relatively new industry in Belize and legislation has been introduced to attract genuine investors to participate in the expansion of the financial services sector. Regulations of the Gaming Control Act, Revised Edition 2000, have been adapted from similar regulations in successful gaming countries and adjusted to suit the Belizean situation.

The government of Belize has granted the DHS Holding Company a license to operate an online gambling operation under the name DHS Belize Limited. Charlie Barrett, President of DHS Holding Company was proud to announce the obtaining of the license by the Gaming Control Board. Barrett commented, "This is a major accomplishment for our company, and solidifies everything DHS Holding Co has worked so hard to achieve." Barrett continued to say, "This license approval sends a clear message to the investment community that there are good companies still trading in the penny stock market with great growth potential.These are very exciting times."

The new division’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Rohling will be in Nevada USA soon to meet with key executives in Las Vegas to assemble a management team for the Cenote Falls Online Casino. It is not yet known what software the enterprise will use. The Tennessee-based DHS Holdings online casino venture is complementary to ambitious land gambling plans on the DHS drawing board. In March this year DHS inked an agreement to purchase 40 acres of land on the Mexico-Belize border, anticipating that it will be designated an EPZ Zone.

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