Pokie Reforms Coming in Australia

Published Sunday, November 04, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

Australia is one very large continent full of hard working people who love to play the pokies or as they are called in other parts of the world video poker machines. This form of entertainment is a mainstay of pubs and clubs all over the country and provides much needed revenues for local economies and governments.

The agreement regarding restrictions on pokies that the current government made with an independent member to get elected has been shuffled about to the point where it has become a hot potato with the stability of the Gillard administration in question. Recently the ruling Labor party of Julia Gillard revealed the proposal for reform after an agreement surfaced between the Labor party and the opposition Green party. The proposed changes are fundamentally the same as were proposed earlier but are not to the liking of Independent Member of Parliament, Andrew Wilkie who wants more stringent rules.

The outcry from club and pub owners was loud and strong so the proposed changes give the owners of the pokie machines until the end of 2013 to adjust and implement the pre-commitment technology. This change lets the player voluntarily set wagering limits. Wilkie wanted a $1 dollar limit on wagers in pokies something he had to back down on. The machines will also have a warning alerting the player of the possible dangers of over spending while gambling. Automatic teller machines installed in the clubs will have a $250 withdrawal limit per day. Wilkie was pleased that the government will establish a fund for a national gambling research institute.

The limiting technology must be installed on all existing pokie machines by 2016. The pre-commitment technology will be tested in the Australian Capital Territory if the clubs in the area all agree to participate. The government has giving incentive to those clubs in the form of $36m as compensation for revenue that may be lost during the trial.

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