Online Gambling Internet Addiction and Cyber Overload

Published Friday, January 04, 2013 -

It is everywhere in society today and is increasingly obvious that people are locked into a pattern that suggests that one day we won’t need talk to one another we will just text. The rise of smart phones and the extreme connectivity in places where previously no communications were available has made us slaves of the internet.

It is not uncommon to see people walking while texting or worse driving while texting causing harm to themselves and possibly others. There is a new addictive thing out there that can cause severe problems for those who are deprived of it for even a short time, the internet. Researchers have defined five different types of internet addictions, which include, gaming, gambling, shopping, pornography, surfing the web and online social networking. The symptoms of internet addition vary from anxiousness to sleep disorders and depression, and it is well known that many have this compulsion to email or facebook to stay connected to their virtual lives. Social media addiction is the latest addition to internet disorder.

Professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Kristen Lindquist, commented that social information feels intrinsically rewarding to people. We get a jolt of dopamine when someone “likes” our Facebook post or retweets our Twitter link. “You end up developing an association between Facebook and goodness, and that sustains the behaviour,” Lindquist continues, “As with cocaine addicts, over time you need more and more of that substance to get that feeling.”

Gambling online can have the same effect on people who must have the connection fix. It is valuable knowledge to remember when the internet addiction is taking its toll on your ability to think straight. Researchers have concluded that “long-term internet addiction would result in brain structural alterations”, contributing to chronic dysfunction. Watching oneself become a cyber addict is not healthy so beware lovers of the games it could be a hazard to your well being.

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