Online Poker Suffering Interest Decline

Published Monday, March 04, 2013 -

There have been rumbling before in the news indicating that poker may have lost it appeal and has gone into serious decline. The internet has been a major source of the new poker player’s focus over the last several years with millions of hands being played online in every corner of the world.

The obvious and most significant impact on online poker popularity is the crack down on the game in the USA by the Department of Justice which set a shudder of fear and retreat after some of the world’s largest online poker operators offering their services to Americans were seized and swallowed whole by the government. When the dust settled online poker in the States had become a virtual sink hole for players money with not a shred of trust left in the process. Playing and paying for anything online requires a measure of trust and when the Department of Justice issues a statement that the Full Tilt online poker room was a very large Ponzi scheme, players decided they would not take the chance to be caught up in the trap again. Players in Europe have responded in a similar way with distrust of the operators making them think again about registering for the big tournaments such as the European and World Poker Tours.

This may be just an adjustment in terms of market realities with European countries having their difficult financial times not to mention America’s own financial meltdown. Poker requires the skill of tenacity and courage and when money is tight participation in games of chance may be met with second sober thought. Some professional poker players were shaken to their cores in the USA and have ventured to other jurisdictions to keep their bread on the table. The fear factor has created the domino effect as prize pools have been diminished the players are finding the risk for reward equation too hard to handle. This may just be a temporary decline with hope for legal online poker in the USA still on the horizon.

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