Denmark Successful in Legalizing Online Gambling

Published Thursday, April 04, 2013 -

The online gambling industry has done very well in jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and sectors of Europe and now Scandinavia has made a lasting impression on the punter. Recently the countries on Denmark and soon Sweden have developed regulatory platforms for online gambling that in the case of Denmark has been tested and used to establish the weak points and correct the possible issues associated with regulatory compliance. Sweden is on its way to regulating and licensing the online gambling industry in that jurisdiction.

The National Audit Office had studied Sweden’s gambling market and recommended a platform and regime they consider the most practical direction the government should adhere to. The new system for regulating the online gambling activity has been approved by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance with the Swedish Tax Agency already implementing a new additional levy on software developers for internet wagering. Denmark’s experience has proven invaluable to other jurisdictions legalizing their online gambling endeavours.

Denmark concluded its first year of internet wagering business with stunning results that were very positive. The results of the evaluation period were indeed so positive that The Danish Gambling Authority extended the validity period of the initial group of online gambling licence holders for an extra five years. You can choose from five local and twenty offshore online gambling operators legally. Nine smaller operators will be issued licences that limits their gross gambling revenue income as the only difference. Fairness is the Danish Gambling Authority’s main objective and that has been realized.

The Head of the Legal Division at the Danish Gambling Authority, Tina R. Olsen, has commented that illegal ad unlicensed gambling operators are gone from the Danish jurisdiction. The monitoring of the market in Denmark and the crackdown on illegal unlicensed operators has prompted them to leave the market in Denmark. Internet Service providers complied with the law and blocked online gambling sites that were not registered with the authorities.

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