US Internet Gambling New Security Specialists Required

Published Tuesday, June 04, 2013 -
US Internet Gambling New Security Specialists Required

LaserLock's proprietary technology was developed to prevent counterfeiting and fraud through advanced authentication. It’s a new addition to the world of online gambling that will simplify the process of identifying the authenticity of the location of the player.

LaserLock Technologies, Inc. creates proven innovative security technologies that protect industries, governments, and individuals from the rising threat of counterfeiting and fraud. Whether covert or overt, LaserLock’s solutions are secure, trustworthy, and cost effective and have been protecting businesses and their customers worldwide for more than a decade.

Since the introduction of legal online gambling in some of the American states companies are now faced with the challenge of establishing virtual identity verification processes. The only way to maintain age restrictions as well as location verification on all platforms is the use of geo trackers and biometric facial recognition.

The President of LaserLock Technologies, Neil Alpert, commented on the announcement, "Verifying a player's identity is a simple process in a casino, but has become a major hindrance for legislators looking to legalize Internet gambling," Alpert continued to add, "In an online environment, the risks for fraud increase dramatically as there are few ways to truly verify identity, age or location. LaserLock's patented technology brings Internet gaming companies a solution that lowers that risk substantially by verifying a player's identity each time they play and by providing an ethical component that protects the user."

The LaserLock Technologies solution VerifyMeTM platform verifies all necessary identifying information easily and once registered the player is reviewed quickly.

Michael Sonnenreich , Chairman of the LaserLock Board of Directors said, "This platform is one of several potential game changers for LaserLock," Sonnenreich added , "The future will see more states legalize online gaming and LaserLock's solution is all encompassing and ensures the security and safety of internet gaming that lawmakers, casinos and the public all demand."

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