Australian Online Gambling Welcomes Ladbrokes

Published Wednesday, September 04, 2013 -
Australian Online Gambling Welcomes Ladbrokes

The British gambling industry traditionally made a point of being there with bells on when ever there was a need for a punt. In the U.K. the big operators are William Hill and of course Ladbrokes along with about thirty or more gambling firms in the it’s no wonder why these firms are looking to expand to other jurisdictions.

The USA is experiencing the British invasion of experienced online gambling operators. While America is coming around as a destination to grow to there are so many other new locals that the regulated online gambling industry is entering.

The way the William Hill organization is going about expanding is by acquiring properties in faraway places such as Australia that already have the infrastructure and client base necessary to build a new market. The recent purchase of the home grown Tom Waterhouse online gambling company for an estimated $110m Australian dollars is a significant start after its acquisition of the Sportingbet Australian sector for $670m AUS.

The Ladbrokes gambling operator has followed a similar road by buying the parent firm of bookmaker and the Brisbane based sports and racing marketing company Panda Gaming. Panda for example is building over 2,500 highly targeted sports and racing focused websites. Their portfolio of successful portals cover every Australian sporting event from weekly football matches to the Melbourne Cup.

Ladbrokes did well for itself in 2012 it made £190.3 million with its 1400 employees making the well oiled betting machine work well. Ladbrokes has to keep up with other operators that are already well entrenched in the Australian such as Sportingbet, Ireland's Paddy Power and Australia's Tabcorp. The Australian online gambling market is estimated to be worth around $6 billion AUS. annually.

Richard Glynn, CEO of Ladbrokes said the move was in keeping with the firm’s chosen strategy to extend its geographic reach to other key regulated markets.

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