Online Gambling Possibility in Pennsylvania

Published Wednesday, December 04, 2013 -
Online Gambling Possibility in Pennsylvania

It has been an interesting year for online gambling in the USA with three states now offering some form on interactive real money gaming. That said the way has been paved other US jurisdictions to regulate and license online betting in order to gain some part of what some experts are suggesting is the wave of the future for wagering in America.

Nevada has a thriving gambling industry already and now online poker is available but in New Jersey online casino gaming is going well with the addition of sports betting on the agenda. The State of New Jersey has already made one hurdle on the route to legalized sports betting in that state. That big step was taken when Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law back on January 18, 2012 that legalized sports betting in the Garden State. While battles remain, the new bill allows for legalize sports betting at Atlantic City Casinos and the four horse racing tracks in the State. Next up is showdown at the Federal level, as the old law banning sports betting in America still needs to be overturned. Christie has vowed to take the issue to the Supreme Court.

Now Pennsylvania has decided it wants to move forward on plans to offer online gambling with a study to add the activity to the twelve existing casinos in Pennsylvania.

Joseph Scarnati the President Pro Tempore of the Senate wants to begin to explore the possibilities of the market and its potential. Should the study be approved, it would be completed in time for legislators to make changes to existing laws. The resolution was approved unanimously by the Senate Community Economic and Recreational Development Committee for the study to be conducted by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee although the resolution must be passed by the entire senate for the survey to happen.

The states on east coast of the USA are competing for the gambling dollar and this measure will certainly add more fuel to the controversy in the growing industry.

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