Canadian Poker Player TV Streaming Soon

Published Thursday, February 04, 2010 -

HeadsUp Entertainment International, is set to launch Canadian Poker Player. tv. a new entertainment source for the thousands of Canadian Poker players. It is estimated that there are over 3,500,000 poker players in Canada, a country which is now the second largest online revenue generating country in the world in the poker industry. The network will work with Heads-Up's publication, Canadian Poker Player Magazine to offer current content. HeadsUp President and CEO Kelly B. Kellner said, "Both the magazine and our online network will give players from across the country a forum and showcase as we strive to build new poker superstars."

Soon to begin in the land of snow will be the online poker channel that will start off by scheduling over 20 hours of programming from some of Canada’s biggest poker tournaments, featuring the game’s most famous players. Canadians will be watching Gavin Smith, Joe Hachem, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak and Huck Seed play cards win or lose. The Canadian Open Poker Championships offers up great showmanship with Roger Sarna and Joe Hachem. Moving throughout the country the show will feature head to head games between 'Yukon' Brad Booth and popular Huck Seed. The Stampede Classic in Calgary Alberta Canada home of cowboys and oil men is going to be aired and studied. The new poker channel will present the documentary showcasing the Canadian Poker Tour’s Invitational Finals shot in the Dominican Republic., which is prominent online poker room and casino will be the first sponsor on the site with an impressive array of commercials to entice us to play. Exclusive offers during the promotional launch period over the next few months are also there to build up interest in the new Canadian Poker Channel. Kellner, is very optimistic about the future of the new online poker channel and believes the new venue will create a new era for Canadian poker marketing. “We believe we will see changes in the way sponsors react to their customers and having the ability to reach large scale audiences with on-the-spot promotions. I am excited to be able to deliver a medium for innovation of content delivery.”


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