China Vows to Strengthen It's Internet Firewall Against Gambling

Published Tuesday, May 04, 2010 -

China is a vast and growing nation that is desperate to maintain it's grip on the culture that has existed there for thousands of years. The advent of the internet pervades almost all cultures in countries around the globe with an almost unstoppable force that is bringing freedom and knowledge to anyone that has the technology. China has such a fast changing social environment that it is only normal they should want to exert some form of control over what the public is allowed to do or see on the internet. Gambling in China is almost a religion and it is being kept in check by the authorities with an iron fist. The filtering of internet content is a common practice not only in China but in other countries as well. The Associated Press says that Beijing encourages Internet use for business and education yet it does make sure inappropriate content is blocked. China's chief of the Cabinet's Information Office, Wang Chen, has gone on the offensive with recent remarks like, "We will strengthen the blocking of harmful information from outside China to prevent harmful information from being disseminated in China and withstand online penetration by overseas hostile forces," The government has been constantly stepping up it's efforts to keep unwanted and considered social unaccepted content out the hands of it's netizens. Even Google has announced that they will relocate their operations to Hong Kong because fundamentally Google doesn't agree with Chinese censorship policies. Online gambling is high on the list of banned activities as the Chinese government continues to isolate it's people from what the rest of the world can see and access. Money through online gambling is leaving China which the government needs for it's own economic well being. China's online population, at over 400 million may not sit still for the kind of censorship proposed by the government, time will tell how long the people will tolerate a system that keeps them back from the 21st century.

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