New Jersey Moving Forward With Legalized Online Gambling

Published Friday, June 04, 2010 -

The USA is full of contradictions especially in regards to gambling. New Jersey, the garden state welded at the hip to New York may very well be the first US state to legally offer online gambling to the people that live there.New Jersey state senators released a bill from committee that would allow casinos to introduce internet websites for poker and other casino games.

Jim Whelan, the Senate Wagering and Tourism Committee Chairman commented that more than a half a million people in New Jersey are currently playing poker on the web. “This is an attempt to regulate what is already taking place in the state,” Whelan commented, “generate some revenues for the state, and do it through the Atlantic City casinos so that hopefully they will be able to have some profit by it.” Whelan's committee approved the proposal that some supporters believe will create an approximate 1,500 high tech jobs, generating up to $55 million in tax revenues for the state and making Atlantic City a global destination for online gambling.


Land based Atlantic City casinos are having a tough time financially and this bill just may be welcome relief for both the casino's financial woes as well as New Jersey's growing deficit. Ray Lesniak, the, Democratic Senator, who introduced the bill was happy about the committee decision to move forward.

It was suggested by the Chairman of The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association, Joe Brennan, that New Jersey should try and leverage additional revenue by getting Internet gaming companies to establish their American head quarters around Atlantic City. The space is available around Atlantic City and casino infrastructure to create centers for technical support and data storage, giving New Jersey a strategic advantage over other states. Mr. Brennan concluded, "New Jersey will be able to position itself as the national and potential global capital of the next gaming industry."




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