Possible New Future For Online Gambling in Poland

Published Monday, July 05, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

As the 2010 FIFA World Cup reaches its climactic finish and soccer fever still running rampant, millions of Polish citizens know the outcome of one game, Sunday’s election, This could signal a new future for Online gambling. Estimates have figured up to 38 million zloty (about $11.23 million); including a lion’s share of 30 million ($8.87 million) have gone into online gambling during the World Cup.
Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the twin brother of Lech Kaczynski who died tragically in a plane crash, spoke graciously in his election defeat on Sunday night to his supporters in Warsaw . “I congratulate the winner, I congratulate Bronislaw Komorowski,” He added, “We can surely say that Poland has changed.”
It was Lech Kaczynski twin brother, the former president of Poland who spear-headed the former administration’s all-out effort to firewall offending sites rather than regulate and tax foreign-owned casinos. It was believed very strongly that if he followed in his brother’s footsteps, Jaroslaw would seek to continue his brother’s policies. The last polls showed him trailing by up to 11 %.
The parliament/acting president Bronislaw Komorowski, the leader in the polls right up until the election was the pro-business, former speaker of the centre-right Civic Platform party. Those in the online gaming industry believe that Komorowski is the man to liberalize online gambling laws in Poland . They will generate much-needed funds for the government in anticipation of Euro adoption.
Ironically, Kaczynski’s plan to “filter” the Internet in Poland was leaked to the public prematurely in February. It was patently shown to be unconstitutional, and by some at the Wall Street Journal, “a public relations disaster”.
Mr. Komorowski said Sunday after exit poll results showed his victory that the campaign had been “especially difficult because it took place in the shadow of the tragedy.” Analysts said Mr. Komorowski's win puts pressure on his Civic Platform party to prove itself in the 2011 parliamentary elections.

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