Close Call For Super Bowl Online Sports Books Say

Published Saturday, February 05, 2011 -

The Pittsburg Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with six championships (record 6-1), while both the Dallas Cowboys and San Fransisco 49ers have five wins each putting the odds squarely in the Steelers favour to win a lucky seven times, but no the bookies see it the other way round.
The bookmakers have it covered, the online odds are best from such a variety of sports books that you get the idea that the game has some betting appeal for sure. In fact it has so much betting appeal that huge companies are paying advertising firms and the networks millions of dollars for 30 seconds in front of the millions of people watching the game. That’s a big gamble for some companies.
Online bookies are factoring in every aspect of each team’s future as winners. The Steelers are a very strong team and may be the team to beat. The Super Bowl XLV in Dallas will be a showcase of two of the most elite franchises in the NFL. Art Rooney’s family who still own and operate the franchise are proud of the team that came into being in 1932.
The Green Bay Packers is one of, if not, the greatest team in professional football history with a record 12 World Championships, including three since the AFL-NFL Merger of 1970. Las Vegas puts the Packers in the favourite position with a 2.5 spread. They have shown remarkable assertiveness and power in the last five games of the regular season.
Online bookies are counting the hours, offering Super Bowl recipes for wings and keeping everyone updated on the latest player stats. Holding true for now the Steelers are in this case are going into the game as the slight underdogs. It will be a close one and looks very hard too call, the excitement is building.




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