Korean Football League Embroiled in Scandal

Published Saturday, June 04, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

Scandal and corruption are part of the worlds biggest problem for sport but especially right now for Asia's oldest professional football league. It is embroiled in one of the continent's most serious match-fixing scandals, with fans in South Korea surprised by revelations of bribery and corruption in the K-league.

Six players that are part of the K-League have been detained, along with two gambling brokers, and charged with receiving money in exchange for trying to fix the results of their matches. Korean Football Officials are taking steps to contain the public perception that the games are corrupt and dishonest. Heavy gambling on K league matches in 2010 triggered the investigation.
K-League general secretary Ahn Ki-heon has announced a moratorium saying that players coming forward with details of match-fixing would be treated fairly and not harshly.  “From June 1 to 13, we will receive reports on match-fixing from any player,” Ahn said, “For those who confess in this period, we will ask for a favourable arrangement with prosecutors.”
K-League Chief Executive and League Commissioner Chung Mong-gyu apologized for the scandal and vowed to eliminate the dishonesty Chung, describing it as the league's worst crisis. "To retain the reputation of the K-League, I will make all possible efforts to eradicate any rigging of games and illegal betting.,"

The Korean Football Association  has announced that it will establish a special committee made up of its own officials and some officials  from the K-League itself, alternate football organizations and the Korean Government’s Ministry of Justice.
The moratorium should provide a source of information for the investigating officials. Any effort to eradicate the bad apples will go al long way to shore up the public’s confidence in the league.
The Korean Football Association will receive assistance from FIFA, the football  world’s governing body.
"If necessary, FIFA will dispatch a team of inspectors to investigate situations," Cho stated at an news conference in the Korean capital,  "We will also rely on international cases to seek solutions to problems."







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