Turkey the Latest in Match Fixing Probe

Published Tuesday, July 05, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The problem of match fixing in various sports has been the focus of efforts to curb and eventually stamp out the activity by many nations and sports organizations. Recently a report has surfaced in Turkey that match fixing was rampant and extended beyond just a few players. Match fixing has been in the news a lot more since Interpol teamed up with FIFA to battle the problem.

According to a Bloomberg article  police have made approximately 50 arrests in connection with the Turkish football scandal. One of the detained individuals is the chairman of the club Aziz Yildrim the highest ranking official in the league. Fenerbahce recently won a record 18th Turkish league title but could have that honour taken away as the investigation into match fixing continues to reveal the truth.

Raids were conducted in a dozen cities that were part of the match fixing issue involved in the  competition over last year including the final game of the season Fener’s contested 4 to 3 victory over Sivasspor.
Deputy Chairman of the ruling AK Party in Turkey, Huseyin Celik, commented, “If even 5 percent of these allegations prove right, it’s very grave for Turkish sports. I hope that all this will result in a cleansing.”
The problem for FIFA and Interpol is that some countries do not view match fixing as a serious crime. This alone can hinder co operative efforts to find the perpetrators and bring them to international justice. Match fixing spoils the games for everyone in so far as it is plainly unfair to betters and fans alike. If Fenerbahce loses its league title it will be the most high profile scandal since 2006 in Calciopoli Italy.
A statement on the club web page says, “Everyone should know that Fenerbahce Sports Club has never been and will never be engaged in any unlawful and illegal activity. We are proud of our clean and victorious past.”




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