U.S.Digital Gaming Set Up To Help U.S.Online Gambling Firms

Published Friday, August 05, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

Opinions abound regarding the online gambling situation in the USA and some are more interesting than others mainly because of where they originate from. In a recent article published by the Offshore Gambling Association the author spoke at length to Richard “Skip” Bronson, the chairman of U.S. Digital Gaming. Bronson has been quoted many times saying that legalized online gambling in the U.S. is imminent but Bronson believes that this may not be accurate.

Bronson claims that the passing of any legislation in the U.S. is highly unlikely in the near future. Bronson thinks the move by Federal factions will not come to pass unless there is a massive change in the general attitude towards online gambling at the Federal level.  The individual states are in desperate need of revenue and gambling is seen by most citizens as a harmless activity. State deficits will be the motivation for legalizing online gambling without more taxation. The executive speculates there will be state legislated online gambling within a few years.

Mr.Bronson also thinks that poker will get the ball rolling having proven itself as skill game of immense popularity. “Poker would come first for two reasons.  First, it is an All-American game, with strong interest and understanding. Secondly, it is a proven commodity already among millions of American players -- they are just playing illegally today.  It would be an easy transition to lawful, regulated play,” commented the expert.
The political will for a Federal online gambling bill seems distant at best with those who oppose State legalization like Caesars Entertainment barking up the wrong tree. Bronson maintains that California will be the first State to legalize online gambling simply because they are positioned best for a viable market. Bronson has set up U.S. Digital Gaming (USDG) to help companies currently in the United States to make that goal a reality.


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