Review of Washington D.C. Online Poker Bill Demanded

Published Monday, September 05, 2011 -

The introduction of online gambling to the District of Columbia has been promised for a long time and as yet there is nothing in sight. The Washington DC supposedly legalized online gambling recently but the bill has been called into question again by Jack Evans, the Democrat chairman of the Committee on Finance and Revenue. Legislation was passed allowing adult residents of the District of Columbia to play online poker with the plan to launch the system in approximately 30 bar and hotel locations by September 2012.

This piece if legislation has hit nothing but snags ever since it was introduced the latest being a demand by opponents to re-examine the process by which that bill was passed. Those opposing the bill are saying the online gambling bill was passed attached to a supplementary budget bill. Councilors will not let the bill proceed without a full debate, and some have said that it “was not responsible to pass it in a supplemental budget bill without public conversation. It definitely was a sleight of hand.” There has been speculation that the member of council who introduced the online gambling bill as an amendment to a supplementary spending bill may have not declared pecuniary interests. Brown, has vehemently denied any of the accusations.

So at this stage of the game Evans is backed by council member Muriel Bowser, another Democrat who chairs the Committee on Government Operations and the Environment, which has oversight of the Office of the Inspector General, and who also serves on Evans’s finance committee. Bowser commented, “People are concerned about the lottery procurement, period,” she continued, “I’ve always been uncomfortable with the contract.”
Growing opposition to the legalization of online poker in Washington D.C. has put a huge damper on the hopes of players who would like nothing better that than to see the US capital as the first to offer intrastate online poker to its residents.



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