Appeal Dismissed for South Africa's Piggs Peak Casinos

Published Wednesday, October 05, 2011 -
Appeal Dismissed for South Africa's Piggs Peak Casinos

For now it’s the end of the road for any avenues left to for the future of online gambling in South Africa. The decision of the country’s Supreme Court of Appeal to dismiss the appeal by the Casino Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, Swaziland, which is trading as Piggs Peak means that the country's stringent laws on regulating gambling will remain in effect.
Piggs Peak Casino has lost their appeal in the Bloemfontein Supreme Court of Appeals causing them to no longer accept bets from South Africa gamblers, the online casino is reporting on its website. This comes after a long battle between Piggs Peak and South Africa’s gambling authorities that saw the National Gambling Board (NGB) issuing press statements warning South Africans not to gamble online. Be warned: if you gamble online from South Africa you may face up to a R10 million fine and 10 years in prison
Managing director of Casino Enterprises, Howard Berchowitz, said that with this court ruling there are no avenues left for them to pursue. “You may not play on an internet casino from South Africa,” Berchowitz said.
The National Gambling Board (NGB) optimistically says that this will now ensure that South Africans are protected from the vagrancies of illegal gambling activities offered to them. After 15 years of trying to regulate this industry, gaining maturity and experience along the way this means that gambling regulators will continue to work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies to curtail illegal online operators licensed offshore from trading and continuously breaking RSA laws.

"This outcome will strengthen the arm of the law as well as those of gambling regulators who are mandated by Government to protect members of the public from exposure to illegal gambling activities. Enforcement of national laws faces many challenges and there is a need for enhanced administrative cooperation between competent national authorities to curb this ill.”

"We are resolute that all illegal gambling activities that take away opportunities for the country to generate revenue and subject punters to the risks of gambling without security will be shut down,” the board stated.


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