New Jersey USA Goes For Referendum on Sports Betting

Published Saturday, November 05, 2011 -

New Jersey in the USA is the home of America’s other casino destination Atlantic City which has been experiencing significant losses as the US economy moves slowly. Almost a year ago the New Jersey Senate approved a bill and essentially legalized online gambling in the State with the hope of tax revenues and a better economical outlook. The only thing standing in the way of New Jersey being the first to get the ball rolling in the USA and build a new internet gambling industry was the governor’s veto vote.

Christie said in the veto message, “If the Legislature believes that expanding gambling outside of Atlantic City is in the best interests of the State of New Jersey, it should place the question on the ballot for the voters to decide,” The politics of the decision were especially complicated, and an individual New Jersey legislator stated, “I trust that governor Christie is only concerned for the best interest of citizens of this great state. We’ll just have to work hard to convince New Jersey that online gambling is in their best interest and convince them to vote in favour of expanded gambling when it’s put up in a referendum.”

Another question came up for the governor regarding gambling on sports.  November 8th the state will put the sports betting question to a referendum. The numbers aren’t in on how much money could be generated in New Jersey with legalized sports betting but a Pennsylvania University study suggests that up to $10 billion could be bet in the state on sports wagering in the first year which in turn would bring in about $800 million in gross tax revenue. New Jersey needs the boost and hopefully the governor won’t be a stumbling block to making that happen.



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