Mobile Online Gambling Marketing Investment Pays Off for Probability

Published Monday, December 05, 2011 -

The mobile online gambling market has been growing steadily for the past few years as technology is embraced by more punters than ever before.

One firm that has pinned its entire focus on the mobile gambling market is Probability which has now become a specialist in the sector. The awarding of a Gibraltar remote gambling license last October has given the company a breakthrough 12-18 months with a number of elements falling into place. Smartphones have stepped up the technology allowing more applications such as slots, bingo and other casino games from Probability to be supported.
A big spend on marketing is beginning to pay off in spades for the firm. The largest return from the marketing plan seems to be attributed to the response from television. The Chief Executive Officer for Probability Charles Cohen, believes the company has “cracked the code” for TV advertising. “We have worked out how long it takes to recoup our investment, and what the likely payback will be,” he said.

Cohen continued to explain, “Ours is a robust market, it’s not recessions proof, but robust, and we are riding a wave of technology adoption which is a buffer against any shrinkage in the overall marketplace" adding, “If we crack this market we are going to create huge value for shareholders.”
“For the first four or five years it was a real struggle,” comments Cohen. “But the lights all turned on last summer. Since then growth has been almost exponential.”
“It really does not take much brainpower to create a slot machine for a mobile phone,” Cohen explained. “It’s what goes in after that: the infrastructure for managing your customers and the money. And it’s a complicated business making it all work on a mobile. Probability will succeed as it continues to focus diligently on its chosen path. Understanding the nature of the beast is a great leap forward and that will pay off in the long term.



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