Online Gambling In Ontario Canada Coming Slowly

Published Sunday, February 05, 2012 -

Ontario Canada is a province that is one of the engines of the Canadian economy where the people are hard working and for the most part responsible. It has Toronto and Ottawa, the government and banking epicenter. The province has however been hit with some economic realities what with the challenges of outsourcing and the close link with the USA. The current government is Liberal and has a moderate attitude toward wagering. The government announced late last year they would be creating an online gambling operation.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation asked for bids with a fairly tight proposal deadline to supply the technical end of an operation, which is considered by many to be one of the most important aspects of the online gambling industry. Only three firms responded on time.
GTECH G2, OpenBet and Amaya Gaming met the February third cut off for proposals. OLG wants to make sure they get it right after the glitch in the British Columbian launch of their online casino. Many other software creators and suppliers missed the boat so have requested an extension of the deadline. After a short list has been established when the bids are finally all in officials from the OLG face to face negotiations start, and as with most governmental operations that could take another seven or eight weeks. 

GTECH G2 has another four years to run on its five year deal to supply Loto-Quebec with the Canadian Poker Network. Amaya is based in Canada and would like the business to come their way. OpenBet has the lions share of the online gambling supply line providing online gaming systems to provincial lottery in British Columbia, Quebec, and recently sports betting software for the Maritimes.
It will take awhile to see the result but when it does launch in Ontario the government will reap some rewards they have to do something the revenue from brick and mortar casinos close to the USA border has been in decline.  



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